Call for papers for the sixth issue of the online journal

Revista Épicas dedicated to "Sister Maria de Mesquita Pimentel and the epic poem"


Coordination number:

Fabio Mario da Silva

(Universidade Federal do Sul e Sudeste do Pará, Brazil/CLEPUL-Univ. de Lisboa)

Henrique Marques Samyn

(Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Thematic dossier: "Sister Maria de Mesquita Pimentel and the epic poem"


Sister Maria de Mesquita Pimentel was a 17th century Cistercian nun attached to the Monastery of Saint Benedict de Castris, in the city of Évora, Portugal, and the first Portuguese woman to write an epic text and to have had it published during her lifetime. The celebrated Memorial of the Childhood of Christ and the Triumph of Divine Love (part I) of 1639, a single manuscript version of which was deposited in the Évora Public Library and subsequently printed, was the first part of an epic trilogy consisting also of the Memorial of the Miracles of Christ and the Triumph of Divine Love (as part II) and the Memorial of the Passion of Christ and the Triumph of Divine Love (as part III).

This 6th issue of the Revista Épicas is dedicated to this writer who for centuries remained on the margins of literary historiography despite having left a legacy the scope of which allows it to readily enter into dialogue with other epic works such as Os Lusíadas of Camões and the Homeric epics.

Proposals and texts will also be accepted for a "miscellaneous" section of the issue as long as they relate to the theme of epics.

The deadline for submitting proposals for articles (, in one of the languages of CIMEEP, is August 30, 2019. The maximum limit is 40,000 characters with spaces. Submissions should be accompanied by a summary in English and in the language of the article. We would appreciate your compliance with the rules for submissions, which can be consulted at

All authors will receive a final response from the Editorial Board by September 30, 2019; with online publication scheduled for December 15, 2019.