Call for papers for the ninth issue of the online journal

Revista Épicas dedicated to "Epic forms in the Americas"


Coordination number:

Christina Bielinski Ramalho (Universidade Federal de Sergipe)

María del Mar López-Cabrales (Colorado State University)

Thematic dossier: "Epic forms in the Americas"


The thematic dossier of the ninth issue of Revista Épicas will be devoted to studies about literary or artistic works, produced in the Americas, that directly or indirectly dialogue with the epic genre. The proposal is to bring together discussions that contemplate the penetration of European epic production in the literature and artistic manifestations of North America, Central America and South America which, during colonization, became, in a way, heirs of the Homeric epic tradition or other epic traditions. In addition, this issue will receive contributions that, on the other hand, record the presence of Native American mythical images in works in which, equally, epic traces can be recognized, although there is not necessarily a dialogue with the European tradition; and also approaches which contemplate epic works with innovations that establish inaugural forms for aspects such as heroism, history and myth. Investigations on the epic genre that characterize the region's theoretical-critical thinking will be welcome.


Articles written in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese may be sent to The maximum is 40,000 characters with spaces. The text should be accompanied by an abstract in English and in the language of the article. The deadline for submission is February 28th, 2021. The norms and procedures for publication can be found on the following website: The Editorial Board’s evaluation will be sent to all authors by April 30th, 2020. This publication is scheduled for June 30, 2021.